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Hello fellow Toyotans,

I am new to this forum stuff. I've owned a few different Toyotas before, but I just bought a 2006 Avalon Limited.

Love it and all it's luxuries and options, but I can't seem to find any websites that sell either a COIN HOLDER / ORGANIZER, or some type of TRAY THAT FITS IN THE TOP OF THE MAIN CENTER CONSOLE STORAGE (The one you rest your arm on when in the front seat).

All I get through google searching is entire center consoles as replacements through Amazon, eBay, Carid, etc.

Somewhat frustrated here, so before I go into a dealership parts dept I thought I would reach out here.

Also, in the SMALLER STORAGE JUST IN FRONT OF THE CENTER CONSOLE, there's this attachment that has a flip thing that looks like it's used for holding cards or something?

Any help is appreciated. (Pic is attached of both the center console and storage in front of it)

Sincerely, Dazed and Confuzed in Phoenix (maybe it's the heat....)


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