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What makes me happy is to be able to accessorize the IQ...

Here is a photo of the carpet and shift knob...

By Tuesday I hope to receive the sway bar, that will amke a difference in handling.

Oasis aka Kooler

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Scion IQ Accessories with, Part Numbers:

Scion IQ Accessories with, Part Numbers:

All the following parts are sold by the dealer so we can consider them oem.

1. Wheels Part # PT904-74100

These wheels are 16" slit 8 spoke aluminum alloy wheels:
Info the wheels/tires on this car are 16"X 5" the tire size is 175/60r16
Another size tire that will fit this 5" wheel is 185/55r16

The IQ came with steel wheels and plastic wheel covers.

2. Front Carpet floor mats: part # PT206-74114-02

3. Cargo mat: part # PT208-74110-10
This cargo mat folds with the seats being put up and down.

4. Leather wrap shift knob: part # PT37A-74111
Looks like a golf ball with the IQ logo on top.

5. Sway Bar: this is a TRD sold by Toyota for the Scion IQ
Part # PTR11-74110

I bought the sway bar from the following...

Scion Parts People

6. Mudguards: part # PT769-74110

My car came with a spoiler if it did not come with yours
the part #s will be different for each car color.

Keep the faith.

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