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Just recevied the Real Absolute Essential Kit from Adams. Adams has geat service and great prices, especially with our ToyotaNation discount :thumbup:. I didn't have much time today so I washed, dryed and waxed both vehicles with all of Adams products. My Tundra has never looked so deep, the 4Runner has never looked better either....can't wait to use the rest of the products. Thank you Adam!

link to kit

The 4Runner needs work, it has a few scratches and need to do a very little bit of touch up paint. I assume it will benefit the most.
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Hey Dana,

The Pictures look Awesome!!!:thumbup:!!!

Let me know how the rest goes!!

Finally I got a chance to work on the 4Runner, between the weather, my crazy hours at work and my wife working I have been unable to find a decent day to work on the truck. Until yesterday, it was a balmy 45 degrees and sunny.

For starters I used Adams car wash, excellent stuff...good suds and smells great! I also used his wash pad, (which worked very well) with the bucket and bucket insert, which helps trap the dirt at the bottom of your wash bucket.

After washing I used Adams Claybar, it picked off all the grime, tar and contaminents off the paint, excellent stuff.

THen I used the Swirl and Haze Remover, Revive Polish and Fine Machine Polish. I used them all with my Porter Cable 7424. The Swirl and Haze remover I used with Adams orange pad, I had a hard time spreading it, so I used it by hand. Worked very good as well, I only had some minor haze on the hood, it took it right off.

The Revive Polish I used with the polish and wax pad, this stuff worked and spread incredible! Removed all of the fine scratches I had in the clear coat, the paint looked ALOT better after using this.

The Fine machine polish was put on with the same pad, it really helped bring the shine back. Works great in conjuntion with the Revive Polish.

Then I used the black side of the polish and wax pad (if you don't own one and do own a PC, BUY THIS PAD!!) and put on the Fine Machine Wax, this stuff is awesome!! It goes on black, it leaves a very deep and sharp shine. Wipes off very easily as well. Adams microfiber towels are top notch and work well with it.

The rims on the 4Runner didn't have a good shine at all, at least until I used Metal Polish 1 & 2! The price seems a little steep, but it is well worth it! This stuff is much better than Mothers, and you use only a little bit.

The tire glaze goes on real easy with the black pads. Looks nice as well.

Adams detail spray is second to none and smells incredible.

The drying towel is excellent.

The Undercarriage spray is good stuff as well.

The Glass cleaner is top notch!

The Leather cleaner and conditioner is a must have if you have leather.

The only item I didn't like was the wash nozzle, :lol:



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Damn, Dana, nice job! Now hop on a plane and come over to SoCal and do my rig damn it! :lol:
^^^If you lived closer I'd do it for sure :thumbup:. If I flew to you, not all Adams supplys would fit in my suitcase :lol:
Dana, Adam's West Coast office is just a 30 minute drive away and we could pick up the kit in no time, just bring your sorry butt over and get to work! :lol:
Thanks Dana for the information.:thumbup:

I'm awaiting my order of the leather and Interior Cleaner, Leather and Dash Conditioner, and the Detail spray! Can't wait to try the stuff.

Looks good Dana. I like all their stuff too. The color of the car wash soap cracks me up. It's like Glow in the Dark.

Dana, what do you think about the wash pad? I like the material, but I think I like a mitt better than a pad. Holding the pad kinda fatigues my hands.

Dana, you said you used Metal polish on your wheels. Aren't those wheels clear coated? If they are then I would just polish and wax them. Only use the metal polish on uncoated metal.
^^Good point, they are clear coated. Thanks, I'll just wax them from now on.

I agree about the wash pad, it is very nice and easy to work with, but I was a little concerned about dropping it. If that material was made into a mitt that would be sweet!

The undercarriage spray still smells good, the few times I went into the garage with the 4Runner parked in there, it smells like grapes :lol:
Looks good! Tough to do here in Massachusetts! I know first hand, live by the ocean. Northeast winds are a pain- not only do the 52 windows in my house get snotty, (and are just so much fun to clean but I do clean them constantly), my Tacoma gets fouled mighty fast.

p.s. Waiting for a nice day to try all my new stuff from Adam's....that would be sometime in June around here!!
^^Thanks, its supposed to be 14 degrees tomorrow night :eek:....this is becoming a LONG cold winter/spring.
I received my Adams Leather conditioner, Leather and Vinyl cleaner, and the Detail spray! This stuff is awesome...well worth the money!

The leather in my 96 is about a year old, and I didn't think it was very dirty...but the leather cleaner made it look better than new. I used it on the dash and door panels too. I couldn't believe my eyes. The MF towels I used were filthy!!..These products are great, and (I've tryed bunches) Followed up the cleaning with the Leather Conditioner. Its not greasy or overly shiny ,and the leather seemed to soak it up!

I used the Detail spray on the 96 and it brought out a shine I didn't know it had! Its was alittle dirty from the recent rain this area needed so badly, and now it looks as if I just washed and waxed it! Best of all it took me about 10 mins to do the entire car! Tryed on a small area of the Red 94 and the paint became visually deep as if I could put my hand in it! I can't wait to do the entire car! (its heading to the paint shop)

I'll definitely buy more! I'll probably replace all my detailing products with Adams! Thanks!:thumbup:
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^^^Sweet! The detailing spray is really good stuff, smells great as well!
I just emptied the PayPal account on another order of Adam's stuff, but warmer weather is getting me all geared up for some serious detailing. I had to get some more of their nice towels, and a gallon of the detail spray. And I also ordered some new products that I haven't tried yet, like their carpet cleaner, buffing pads, and the new Liquid Gold window treatment. From what I understand, the Liquid Gold is supposed to be like Rain-X but better. I don't think it's on their website yet.
^^^Their towels are top notch, they aren't cheap, but they are alot better than what I had. I like the buffing pads as well, in fact I might get another black/white one because I like it so much :lol:
I'll buy a gallon of Detail spray myself!!:thumbup:
Oooooooh, something new! I will have to try that! Thanks for the heads up Pb! Now where's that credit card......

I also like their MicroFiber stuff. Expensive?, yeah, but what high quality product isn't? I admit though I'll go to Wally-World (Wal Mart), and buy the 3-pack of MF towels they have, I usually buy 5 packs at time, forget the cost, maybe $4.87 or some other freakish Wally-World price. I use them for under hood, wheel wells and places like that. If they get real snotty I'll just throw them out. I save the good MF products, from Adam's, for the shiny stuff.
I look at it this way. Cheap towels cause swirls. Swirls require hours of polishing to fix. My time is worth a lot of money. And not only does polishing take time, but it also takes polish, which costs money.

So it actually saves me time and money if I use quality towels. ;)

I only use cheap towels on the engine and wheel wells.
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