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Add me to the list of scrapes!

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I had to leave my truck in the parking garage at Miami Int'l Airport when I went on a recent road trip and when I came back I found my fender all scraped up. I know its small but it really stands out since I keep my truck so clean and shiny. :disappoin Luckily its just the flare so I can have it taken off and fixed without having my truck in a shop somewhere. I know most of you guys would be able to fix this yourselves but even if I had the skills I don't know when I would find the time. Its my busy season for work and I'm out of town a lot until at least April. Needless to say I'll be saving my parking fees from now on and taking a cab to the airport!

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no note? yeah right, i know. people suck. luckily it's not so much damage. still sucks though.
That sucks!
Yeah, that sucks.

What's that in the second pic? Looks like bubbles under your paint?
Wow! That really sucks! I know you take really good care of your rig!

Any chance the parking area has cameras?
I'm not even thinking about cameras in the parking ramp. There are an awful lot of ramps and levels at MIA and there's very little chance of a camera catching that (I was parked there a week) or if they did they wouldn't be able to identify who hit me.

The second photo is probably a little deceiving as far as looking like bubbles. Its just the flash hitting the fender (if you mean the two bright yellow spots). There's no dent, just scrapes down to the rubber.

It amazing how bad people can drive. You know whoever hit me hard enough to take that much paint off had to feel it. This photo shows the scrapes a little better I think.

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^ Not only did they have to feel it but it HAD to do something to their car as well. By the height of the scrapes I'd say it was most likely another truck or SUV. Most likely someone without insurance too.

People suck. :(
That sucks. Just had a call from the other guy's insurance today (guy ran a stop sign and hit me mid turn). This crap just sucks because it isn't so much the money, it's the time and inconvenience of it.
Not saying you deserved this but why did you park on the line? It probably made somebody park too close. I hate it when I go to park and somebody is carelessly parked. I keep looking for another space.
^ Agreed, but they are pretty wide spaces for a parking garage (double lines and you can see I am just on the inside one). There is a LOT of room between me and the guy next to me and a lot of room on the other side of him too. I checked, he's not the one who hit me BTW.
Sorry man, I didn't have time to leave a note....

jk that sucks people like that piss me off. Sorry to see your bad luck.
Shitty situation, I had something similar happen to me in my school parking lot, god damn University kids have no respect for other people's property. Luckily my minor scrape was just a small paint transfer on the lower corner of the bedside, I was able to get it out with a claybar.
That blows! Shortly after I got my truck, someone scratched the front passenger side door and it's been kinda downhill ever since. I'd probably be a bit more pissed about it if I made a serious effor to keep it clean, but alas, I do not. :lol:

I hope it's fixed and better than ever soon.
Yes, us university kids are pretty bad.

HOWEVER, I would like to mention that last year, while I was driving my 4runner, I accidentally tapped the car ahead of me while parallel parking.

I was about to peel out of there like it never happened, but my friend noticed someone was in the van I hit. Specifically the back seat. This dude looked like he was pulling up his pants. I have no idea what he was doing, but he then leapt forward through the center console area inside the van and into the front seat with his pants halfway up.

We had gone to arby's so I was content to drink my mocha shake and watch this all unfold. After another minute or two he got out of the van and came back, musta been about 40 years old. He looked extremely red in the face. I was amused by this obvious pervert so I told him I didn't even hit the back of his van and asked him what the F*** he was doing in there. He said he was 'taking a nap'... and that it was none of my business.

After declaring that I hadn't damaged anything (I barely bumped him), he said 'may the truth set you free' and then took off walking in the direction of campus.

You can't make this stuff up.
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HOWEVER, I would like to mention that last year, while I was driving my 4runner, I accidentally tapped the car ahead of me while parallel parking.
Ah, so you hit someone's car and planned on taking off instead of taking responsibility for it. Good job. :rolleyes:
Hey I'm honest. Also, he was driving a late 80s plymouth mini van with a rear bumper that was already all rusted and gummed up. If it had been Elwinnas truck or something in good condition I wouldn't have left.
That sucks....I had the exact same thing happen to me in a parking garage at work about 1 month after I bought my truck. My fender had damage in the same places as yours....luckily I work in a facility that has cameras everywhere in the garage and I just happened to be parked directly in front of one. The guy that hit me ended up leaving a note and he paid for all the repairs. That side piece had to be completely replaced on my truck- that with some minor damage to the front bumper came to about $400 total to fix.
let me know how much it cost to fix, mine looks exactly same except im the one who did it.
That sucks elwinna. Best of luck on the repair.
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