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Highlander Hybrid Luxury (aka Platinum)
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Hi Folks, looking for a deeper base and even better sound at the lower end, I added an amplifier and a 12 inch flat subwoofer to the JBL system in the trunk. I’m not already finished yet, but for me it works fine and pushed the sound in my Hybrid Highlander a lot.
Here are some pics of what I did. If there is someone interested in more details, I could add even add more pics and an enhanced explanation of what I did.

First of all, I needed to find a source for the subwoofer signal. Because the JBL system uses a digital connection to the EQ in the trunk and I don’t wanted to cut any cable, I removed the sound connector directly from the JBL sub, which is situated in the trunk too.
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Hood Vehicle Automotive exterior Electrical wiring Bumper

The 12 Volt battery is situated in the trunk too, so it was easy to connect the Amp with it.
Audio equipment Gadget Electrical wiring Electronic component Cable

Now I replaced the Original trunk cover by a piece of precisely tailored MDF and covered it with some self-adhesive fabric, like

Hood Automotive tire Bumper Musical instrument accessory Automotive exterior

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The volume under this selfmade MDF cover fits the needs of the subwoofer chassis I bought. To reduce bad resonance, I used some thicker felt, fixed on some points with Velcro.
White Hood Motor vehicle Trunk Automotive design

Now I just added the sub and a cover for the sub. That’s how it looks at the end.
Automotive tire Automotive lighting Automotive design Motor vehicle Road surface

Vehicle Car Trunk Motor vehicle Vehicle door

The amp is set to a frequency band from about 35 to 80 Hz. The result is a very deep bass, that I can adjust by a little cable-remote from the drivers seat, depending on what music I’m listening to and who’s traveling with me.

I spend 200 euros for the amp, 160 for the sub with cover and about another 90 for MDF, fabric, felt and cables. That’s about 450 euros at all, that’s round about 520 USD.

I’m pretty sure that this is not high end, but it fits my needs, did not destroy any original part and is completely demountable.

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Nice work, looks very good and I'm sure the sound is improved!
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