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Added something new to my Gen2 (check it out)

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Well as you guys may or may not know I am a big fan of incorporating various stock Toyota parts into my Camry. So far I have a ES250 front bumper, ES250 Wood interior,and Aussie Headlights with Clear corners, but let me introduce you to the newest overseas addition.

I have acquired the inner tail lights and liscence plate trim from a European Camry.

It's not complete due to lack of funds (no worries I have a summer job!)

Check it! Here for the pics


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i was woundering what you did? it looks good slowly but surely you'll get there:thumbup:
The dash looks good..
.. get it side skirts, rear bumper, paint .. and your on your way:thumbsup:

keep up the fresh new idea's
Looks good, I've never seen those lights before.
how'd you get those lights ?
it'd be cool if you can get the aussie front bumper i like the look of it over the us one
To get the lights I found a guy on Ebay that was parting out a Camry from the UK. I just periodically go to and check out if they have any parts that I can use.

I do like the look of the Aussie front bumper, but I think the ES250 one I have is more stylish.

I just need a frickin' paint job!


1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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