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Adding Features to my '04 CE :: I need your help

Hey everyone!

I'm new to the forum, and I just purchased a new '04 corolla ce with abs (special dealer package).

I came from a honda accord, so I'm missing a few features. I'm looking to do the following modifications/upgrades and I need some help.

1) Power Windows
2) Front end Grille
3) Fog Lights

Ok.. my questions. How hard is it to install power windows? I'm looking for some sort of aftermarket kit that will will work with my car. I haven't called toyota yet (I know they will charge a arm and a leg). I think I should be able to install it myself, but I don't know where to get this kit.

I live in Canada, but I could always purchase the parts in the US if need be. I've checked a ton of sites, but I coulden't find anything to help me out.

Second question, Is the CE even setup with the power outlets for the power windows? That only comes with the LE class.

Third question. I"m looking to put in a grille in the front of my car to stop any stray rocks from entering my engine. Anyone have any suggestions? I was thinking of buying some sort of 'fish net' mesh and just attach it to the back end of the bumper.

Final questions. I'm looking to install fog lights I read in the forum that someone bought a aftermarket pair that came on with the highbeams.. personally I think that is better, as opposed to flicking them on with another switch. Does anyone have any info on where I can buy a fog light assembly kit?

Worst case I will buy the parts from (or .. gasp..have the parts installed by) Toyota.. but I know that will cost me a lot of cash. I'm not worried about doing the work myself.

If anyone has any suggestions on where I can buy the kits and any info on how to install power windows for my '04 corolla CE I would be extermely happy!!


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Ok, after some searching It looks like the front 'grille' mesh is taken care of. I have come across some sites in the past on how to install fog lights.

However I don't know any details on how to wire it up. So my only questions now is about the power windows (How can I install them on my car, and are there any good aftermarket kits).. or should I just buy toyota parts?

Any info on how to hook them up would be welcomed!!

Thx again!

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Maybe you should talk to a dealer about installing toyota parts for you.

Fog lights comming on with high beams makes no sense because you can't see in fog with high beams, it creats glare, low beams are better. You can get the fogs from the Corolla S if you have the spaces for them.
Check for more info on DIY projects.
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