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Adding Keyless Entry On Tacoma?

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I was just wondering... Does anybody know about how much it would cost me to put (OEM) keyless entry and/or fog lights on my Tacoma? Any replies would be appreciated.
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it all depends what u want on the keyless entry? do u have power windows and door locks? if so I would go witha remote start I just got mine bout 2 wks ago i love 220 installed but u prob can get less expensive...sorry no answer on the fogs. let us know what u get if any??

BTW welcome to the nation
I just put the fogs on mine; it was easy. I got an OEM combo off ebay for 150 plus $13 S&H. It included OEM relay, switch, and fogs. The seller was sikshan. Looking at your picture, it looks like our trucks are similar. Is yours made in Mexico (Check placard in driver side door)?
brny67 thanks for the welcome; i have automatic locks and windows. i don't know where mine was made but i will look in the morning; it's too cold to go out and look tonight :D. i went to the dealership this afternoon and they said that there's an aftermarket place they use and it would prob. cost me around $150-200. it's gonna be a while before i get it put in, though. i have other things to worry about. i'll update you guys as my truck progresses.:)
I had the same problem as you!! I bought a 2007 double cab prerunner that did not have keyless entry. I did have dealer put after market keyless on it. However I would not reccommend going that route.
Later on I decided that I wanted remote start. I went to the place the dealer had outsourced my keyless entry job to. It turns out that the remote start system comes with keyless entry anyway and has a further range.
The brand they put on was audiovox and says Pursuit on the keychain. The price breakdown for me was : the part itself was $100
the Toyota specific part was $50.00
Labor was $200.00 ( worth it !! )
So the total was about $350 plus tax on the parts.
The remote start is the best option I have ever had on a vehicle.. Truck stays locked while running, dies if someone hits the brake, raises the hood, or revs the engine and shuts off after 20 minutes if u forget, or you can kill it with the remote. I guess I am going on and on. I hope this helps...
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Prewired for Keyless??

I bought a California made 2008 Tacoma DC 4X4 without the Keyless option from the dealer. The VIN check ( shows it should have come equipped with the reciever and the cruise and wiper mods worked great, so I bought a remote fob from ebay. Problem is, the truck won't go into programming mode with the posted instructions (same as those that came with the fob). There is a black box behind the glove box that I think is the receiver and it seems to be plugged in. Anyone had success adding a remote to a 2006-8 that didn't come with keyless? Any suggestions out there? Thanks for any help!!
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