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I was interested in making some additional Smartkeys for my 2014 HL Limited Platinum. The idea was to maintain spares should one become damaged/misplaced. I thought I would post the part #'s and some of the steps / observations I took in my quest to minimize costs. Everything I describe below involves only new and unused OEM parts. I chose not to risk the hassle of buying a previously programmed fob.

Step #1: You will need to obtain two separate parts to make a complete working key.
#1 is the key transmitter fob (part#899040E120)
#2 is the key blade (part#69515-33100)

Step #2: Smartkey fob transmitter programming.
Once you have obtained a new and unused key fob. The key transmitter fob will have to be programmed by either a dealer, locksmith or someone with access to Techstream and competency in use of the program. All Smartkeys that you intend to use on your car will need to be present at the time of programming or you will have to duplicate the effort as you add keys.

Step #3: Key blade cutting.
The emergency key that inserts into the Smartkey fob will need to be cut by either a dealer or a locksmith/person with access to specialized equipment. This key is not necessary but you will need to have it so that you can attach the Smartkey fob to a keychain. ***Special Note*** When obtaining the above listed parts, make sure you do not insert a blank (uncut) key into the FOB itself. Doing this could make it difficult to remove the key blank from the fob.

Smartkey: I was able to locate a brand new Toyota OEM Smartkey fob (minus blank key) for $127.00 delivered from a Toyota dealer online. My local dealer wanted to charge $217.00 plus tax for the transmitter alone. The same dealer wanted $90.00 on top of that price in order to program the Smartkey to the car.

Key blade: I found a reputable Ebay seller that sold me a cut key blank insert for $20.00 delivered. All I had to do was provide my key code. (I had the completed key mailed to an alternate address for security purposes). My local dealer wanted $165.00 in order to provide me with a cut security key by itself (no Smartkey fob)

I found a Toyota dealer that was willing to program two new Smartkeys to my car for $75.00.

In summary, by shopping online a single OEM Smartkey would have cost a total of $147.00 in parts, plus $75.00 in programming. Total cost: $222.00 using all Dealer provided services and equipment. Far less than the outrageous quotes I got that ranged from $350-$500.

Please PM me if you need anything or have questions. I'm new to posting on the forum but lurked forever.
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