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additives to prevent H/G failure in the 3.0?

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Are there any additives to help prevent the H/G from failing in the 3 litre 6's? The previous owner of the '90 I just bought had it done about 25K ago, but can I add water wetter or anything else to keep temps down? I just read its the #6 cylinder that is really abusive on the gasket. Any thoughts? Thanks.
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The best way to prevent a blown hg is to come up with a crossover elimination. Toyota really biffed it with the stock crossover. It dumps the exhaust from the passenger side BACKWARDS into the drivers side manifold.

remove x-over, weld up the manifolds, make a custom passenger side exhaust pipe to come down and cross over and join to the main pipe under the transmission.
ain't no additives for that
LOL, yeah I guess its the heat that kills right? We'll seeing how its just been done 25K ago, I'm probably good for a while. I saw the bill and it scared me a little!
I saw my bill from my hg replacement - made me laugh :D "total - 0.00" ;)
LOL, you either did it yourself or snuck in under the recall I'm guessing? Either way, nicely done.
Hg recal - I asked for a printout off the work performed.

My favorite quote

" RR new v6 longblock - 0.00" :D
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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