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I just purchased a brand new 2018 Toyota Camry SE that came off the lot with a KARR series 3 HP-Green alarm system. Although I can beat on the side windows and get the alarm to sound, it doesn't sound no matter how hard I bounce the front or rear of the car up and down or shake it from side-to-side. I also have a 2004 and a 2007 Camry that came with alarms and both of these give several warning honks if you bump the cars slightly or a loud motorcycle goes by. The continuous alarm gets triggered if the cars are shaken up and down or bumped a little harder. I took my 2018 back to the dealer and they said the alarm was set to sensitivity level 5 so they increased it to 8. However, it didn't seem to help. I could take it back and have it increased to 10 but they claim that would be too much. I'm starting to get the feeling that this new alarm system only gets triggered if someone beats on the side windows but not if a thief decides to tow the vehicle away or jack it up to steal the wheels. The dealer tells me the sensitivity of this alarm gets adjusted by some series of steps including playing with the ignition key, hitting the steering wheel, and watching how many times the alarm's blue light blinks, but not by adjusting some sensitivity screw. I have two questions: 1. Am I expecting too much with regard to the sensitivity? 2. What are the exact steps involved in adjusting the sensitivity (so I can play with it myself)?

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