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I have a 22RE motor in a 1994 4X4 Toyota Truck. I had the motor
replaced (blown) last week. Now there is a hose that is not connected
hanging from the bottom of the charcoal canister (EVAP). What does it
go to? As far as the idling, no matter how much adjusting I do, I
cannot get the motor to idle for more than 2 min. Please Help me. My
other vehicle needs to go into the shop this week (hit a deer) and I
will be without a ride unless I can get this fixed. Thank you

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there is one screw that IS already adjusted and stays that way.
everything else the IAC does. if you adjust the screw you will just
mess it up because it didnt idel right for other reason.

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especially if there are vacuum hoses hanging you better not mess with
the idle screw. fix the vacuum leak and other leaks and the ECU will do
the idle after a reset.

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check the air valve (choke ) this system bypass troytelbody ( Is a coolant
and heater coil he close this valves...)
locate under the intake and near front motor

scuse for my poor english....(french)
"L" <[email protected]> a écrit dans le message de news:
[email protected]...
> on a EFI motor u dint adjust idle. the IAC dies it .. I guess u have a
> vacuum leak
> Matt
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