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Just bought a new 2019 XSE Hybrid. I'm steadily working my way thru setting things on all of the systems the way I like them, but I'm having a problem with the power liftgate in back.

I'm following the instructions on page 137 of the manual, but I can't change this setting. Here's what I'm doing ----

1. Opening the liftgate with the Fob and stopping at the level I want.
2. Press and hold the back door switch on the back door for 2 seconds.

At this point, I'm supposed to hear a buzzer sound 4 times which would indicate the opening has been reset. But, I don't get the buzzer, and the door just continues traveling upward to its max height.

Can anyone explain what I'm doing wrong? I need to get this height adjusted due to limited height of my garage.


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I am in the UK so may be different, but I think I just held the door while it was going up to stop it at the required angle then held the switch on the door for 2 seconds until buzzer sounded 4 times.

You could try resetting it first by holding the switch for 7 seconds when the buzzer will sound 4 times then twice more.

You could also check the PBD (power back door) settings in the information display on the dashboard. There are 4 opening angle settings plus user setting. I would guess that it may need to be on user setting to adjust it to your own angle. See below.

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