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Adjusting TPMS pressure setting?

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I know how to reset the light, but is there a way to adjust when the light comes on to alert low pressure? I am running a thin sidewall so by the time that light would come on now it would be far to late.

If this has already been covered, I cannot find it. Please don't say search, just post a link :cool:
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Hope someone posts this as well.... when i took my wheels off and drove on stocks without the sensor, not once did I see the light. Put my new ones on, still yet to see the light. Does it only turn on when it sends a bad signal??
What you could do is set the tires to 34 pounds( if you really require 30) set your button then let the air out down to 30 pounds. The light would then come on after you lose minimal air.

Does anyone know what the total of all four tires air loss sets off the light? I believe it is 7?

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