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AE86 Dallas

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Hey guys, I am completely new to the AE86 except for adoration and I just got my first one. It's an panda hatch with the 4AGE already installed. I live in Dallas and I am really looking for a good shop to do some quality work (suspension, motor touch ups, roll cages, etc.) I would love to do the work myself but I just don't have the time since I work on the road 20+ days a month and I just want a knowledgeable person to get this done properly with some great recommendations. I don't mind the car traveling for some good work.

Also some recommendations for a good coilover or other suspension setup would be appreciated. Goal when finished: solid running motor without a monstrous amount of power, drift setup I can enjoy on the road, gutted interior with roll cage, possibly rhd swap.

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hopefully by enjoy the road you mean feel every bump, dip, and curve in it if your going for a drift setup. also, coilovers on that car are harder to do unless you get some with the spindles already attatched (if not you have to cut your and weld them on to the coilover). also, which 4age are we talking? some came with a 4age from the factory. you said "already installed" so did it have the carb'd 4ac motor or is it a 20v 4age? anyway, good luck with the car man and enjoy...i love mine so much man
monstrous amount of power.. :whatthe: Unless you're doing a 1JZ/2JZ swap you're not gonna get there. :)

RHD swap... :whatthe: x2 you'll spend less money and work just buying a import from Japan. :yikes:
nah not really after power as much as balance. we are tearing the motor down this weekend, and hopefully finding some new carbs and a new intake manifold. The previous owner has apparently created some makeshift adapter plate to put side draft carbs on upwards ontop of the fuel injected intake manifold. We are going to tear it down and start over with the intake and the heads and make sure no damage was done internally.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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