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hey im new to the forums and to the toyota models / Engines, needed quick help, looking at a toyota corolla 86 in the paper for sale, not sure what the model is going to call him tomorrow, but what am i looking for, GTS Model? and if its not then its garbage? Is it still RWD and is it setup for a swap if its not a gts model

i am looking for

a: rear wheel d
b: possible swaps

Corolla GTS
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If it's a SR5 get it. The search for a GTS model is kinda hard out here. Might as well pick that SR5 up. I know a couple of guys that can help you do the swap. Don't go to those expensive race shops where they drain your money. I know tons of Corolla guys out here in Vegas. They can help you out.

nice guy
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SR5 has rear drum brakes right? i thought you can't drift with drum brakes and only the GTS has 4-wheel disc brakes, that means you'll need a GTS rear axle, might as well go for a GTS.
that doesn't make sense.....drums are still brakes.:disappoin

If you get the SR5 you can do all kinds of swaps. You can go with a 4AGE....4AGZE. Both are great.

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it all depends on how much you're willing to sacrifice for a rwd corolla these days...

i would recommend you get a smog-able/look-able SR5 if you can get it for real cheap, particularly hatchbacks... around $500 USD is reasonable... then you would have some cash left to do the conversion. GTS's go for over $2000 most of the time... and the lower priced ones normally have seen better days...

if you do the math, $600 for chassis + $2000-3000 for parts and $20 for sleeping pills/aspirin for your headaches* all for doing a swap which would leave you with a GTSR5 in sound mechanical condition because you'll go through it and fix/replace things with the parts you deem "good enough".

buying a GTS would be $2000+ and itself would be a gamble because you don't know how the previous owner has treated it... and the price is inflated... and then you gotta fix it. (there are lucky people out there though)...

*headache: and tech_pages/4AC-3AC to 4A-GE Conversion.html

of course I could be all wrong about this. who knows more?

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Depends on what you're looking for. The SR5 is not a bad car. It drives fine, has a decent amount of pick up, and can get you from point A to point B. Currently, GT-S's are too expensive when being sold by people who know what they have. Those are usually the good ones. Some are just junk.

If you decide on a conversion, be prepared for some down time. It took my cousin and I (both certified mechanics) 4 days to get everything in order and have the car up and running. Of course we did all of the little things also (interior swap, custom exhaust, lowering springs, drinking and chillin)... but it's pretty hard even if you have a donor car readily available. I'm also taking into consideration we had a car lift, tranny jack, engine hoist, the works in terms of tools, so for most people who have regular jacks and stuff, it can be a hassle. It's your call.

If you want a drift car... at least know how to drive and stuff before you automatically become a "drifter" otherwise you can end up upside down. I did... and I have 4 years of autoX and track racing under my belt.

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If u want an AE for drifting just buy a 240. Unless your willing to bleed daily this car isnt for you. Unless your willing to bash your knuckles daily, this car isnt for you. Unless your willing to scour the internet for parts and info this car isnt for u lol. Unless you have enough money to buy a rust free one, or can do the work yourself this car isn't for you.

But if you meet that criteria than by all means buy one :) But save up for a gts if u can, if u plan on racing it, you might be better off in the end to have spend the extra 1000bucks.

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wow thats funny

sr5 sucks
do not buy one
you'll save money in just waiting for a gts
drum brakes do suck at drifting plus they have to be replaced more than disc (because of maneuver in drift like the good old ebrake)
the sr5 power is retarded
for one its carbed- with a carb smaller than my dick
has about 80 crank hp along with no lsd

can it be drifted- yes
can it be drifted well- no
is handling worse- yes
is weight ratio f'ed up compared to gts- yes
is the sr5 a waste of time, money, and eventual kick in ass- yes

go with a gts they are awesome with drift

heres the funny thing though

mines for sale

1986 dark blue corolla gts 5 speed
160000 miles

pictures at

new oem clutch
new radiator
new electric fan
angel eye headlights
T3 short shifter
T3 panhard lateral rod
T3 rca's
T3 front strut bar
MSD plug wires
KYB AGX short stroke shocks
TRD japan springs 6.0/4.7
stainless steel front brake lines
5 celica-supras
4 stock rims
no cruise throttle cable

front rotors
front brake pads
rear brake pads
intake manifold gasket
exhaust gasket
valve cover gaskets (2)
alternator belt
oil pan gasket
brake master cylinder
clutch master cylinder
clutch slave
accel super stock power coil (chrome)
98 240sx fuel pump
98 240sx fuel filter
N1 duplicate muffler

no power steering
no a/c
no cruise control
no interior

just steering wheel, front seats, and gauge cluster (no dash)

car is ready for complete roll cage, aluminum dash, and racing upholstery

about 400 lbs weight reduction

car runs great

was not a daily driver

slight rust on rear quarter panel (1 in. x 1 in. spot)
only dent is on d/s headlight cover
basic rust marks in trunk/ small hole on p/s trunk bottom

dark blue paint job is 3 years old
underbody is perfect/ just signs of age/ no damage

starts right up, drifts with ease

either way

pictures are at

to see more click page 2


price of installed and uninstalled parts alone is over $2000
so i think $2000 would be fair

your basically getting a couple extra parts AND THE CAR FOR FREE
so call

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i have a sr5 and its great. and its pushing alot more then 80 hp. they are just as good as a gts in my mind. but i have never drove a gts so i wouldnt know but i have seen them and the track and i bet i can keep up with them. i can drift the hell out of mind u just got to know how to drive them. and if ur dick is the size of that carb u need to be in porns screwing women not fucking around in this site, the carbs is more then 3 in wide i bet thats how big ur dick is long, but im not here to start up anything so im sorry but its all what u want and can afford to buy sr5 is good to start off but the only thing better then the sr5 is the rear disk breaks,the lsd, and its FI motor, thats about it. im sorry didnt mean to makr fun of u whoever said their dick is bigger then the carb but u have to remember that the V8's have bigger carbs b/c they r V8's but u cut them in half they are the size of the ones in the sr5. any way if u have the money go with the gts. SORRY

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reasons why sr5 suck

1. not as many required spot welds on chassis as gts, decreasing handling, and increasing body roll
2. carbed, uneven gas distribution to each cylinder (restrains hp), which is why they eventually made everything FI
3. slow, economical hp, but not track/drift worthy
4. stock suspension is teh suck compared to stock gt-s do to bouncier springs, and slightly (mm wise) taller shocks
5. no lsd, whoever says they can drift an sr5 good, well, or better than a gts is not correct to be polite. try a precision: powerover, feint, or liftoff without lsd and you'll have to REALLY oversteer in order to start the drift, and then body roll the whole way out
6. no rear disc brakes: try an ebrake drift with drums. really, go for it. the difference between drums and disc is this
drums=drag, f-up, break apart under pressure, no friction=loss of control
discs=drift, WORK PERFECT, slight friction at all times to prevent loss of control
7. power/weight ratio is way off: flooring it the whole way on track is the only way to get it to run properly- but even then it can't keep up with GT-s, cause gt-s tops higher, revs higher, is faster, handles better, rolls less, and is the shit

and about the carb being smaller than my dick

i didnt want to brag but you said it correct
i do have a 3 in wide cock
and to length- ask your ______- ill be nice and just finish with this

by carb being small i was refering to the butterfly in the carb that allows the air in- it is small- therefore restricking air flow- nothing more nothing less

and sombody else said that all an sr5 is missing is lsd, disc brakes, and fi 16v
well add up the prices for all those parts
lsd- 100-1000
disc brakes- oem 200
16v plus install 150+ 300
wow minimum $450, max $1500
he should just save up the money and go woith a gt-s

that is all from me

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who gives a crap about drifting. corollas are fun to drive no matter what engines or drivetrain configurations they have. my sr5 had every bit of 70hp and i had more fun in it than most people ever will in gts's. it is not about speed or how much cash you have in aftermarket parts, but how much you enjoy driving your car.

initial d sucks.
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