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AE86 = 1984-1987 Corolla GT-S also known as Trueno (pop-up lights) and Levin (full face lights) in Japan.

Corolla SR5 is a carburated single cam powered car. which is the economy version of the GT-S. though the exterior is pretty much identical, most enthusiast can pin point the difference.

key differences between SR5 and GT-S:

- GT-S: EFI twin cam 16V motor (4AG-E) vs. SR5: single cam carb (4AC)

- GT-S: 4 wheel disc brakes vs. SR5: front=discs and rear=drums

- GT-S has a sportier interior compared to the SR5's.

**for more info... go to or and go to the reference section
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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