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ae86 question

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what is an sr5 trueno? or what is an sr5..

someone has said to me that the only "problem was that it(ae86) was it is an sr5."

can anyone tell me what it means?
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AE86 = 1984-1987 Corolla GT-S also known as Trueno (pop-up lights) and Levin (full face lights) in Japan.

Corolla SR5 is a carburated single cam powered car. which is the economy version of the GT-S. though the exterior is pretty much identical, most enthusiast can pin point the difference.

key differences between SR5 and GT-S:

- GT-S: EFI twin cam 16V motor (4AG-E) vs. SR5: single cam carb (4AC)

- GT-S: 4 wheel disc brakes vs. SR5: front=discs and rear=drums

- GT-S has a sportier interior compared to the SR5's.

**for more info... go to or and go to the reference section
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i have a AE86 sr5 and they suck. they r almost the same other then the engine and little odd stuff
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