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Ae92 4afe to 4age swap....

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What is involved with a 4age swap? Is it direct bolt in?
I am interested in doing a swap in the near future for a Track/ auto x car I would like to build.
The 4afe motor is respectable for what it is, but I would really like a 4age.
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do a forum search mate
I did but couldnt find much... maybie it was what I was typing in???

yes its direct (4A family of motors) you will most likely need to have the full wiring harness from the 4AGE though as this would be a lot easier than trying to hack and match the 4AFE harness.

Engine mounts should match, transmission will match (I'd get a C52 from the 4AGE though).
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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