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AE92 -> 4WD...With AE95 donor

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I know this question has been asked many times, but i have searched around and most people talk about needing to get all the AE95 stuff for converting the AE92 into 4wd....

Now i have a AE95 car that was hit from behind and i while i would love to get another AE95, i just cant find them around often enough. So my question is this...if i HAVE a AE95 donor car here can i swap over everything into the AE92? I have done engine swaps in other vehicles before (V6 mr2's is something i do often) so swaps isnt new to me, but if it involves lots of CUSTOM work then ill probably pass. If i can fit all the components into the AE92 and maybe customize the exhaust, then ill do it.

I already swapped the stock 92 4a-fe motor with a 95 FWD 4a-fe into this car because it was cheap and under 70k mi. (took some grinding of the block but it worked well!)

Thanks everyone for their input!

Take care,
Johnny Riglietti
Sea2Sky Tuning
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underchassis is different so unless you modify it nope no deal.
I've had this thought in the back of my mind for a long time too, BUT like Flashmn said, its just too difficult due to the difference in the shape and layout of the body. If you have any luck please tell me as I too want to do something like that... hahaha
Its not really that hard, but for the op, yeah it is, because of this "but if it involves lots of CUSTOM work then ill probably pass."
theres an amazing ae95 on auto trader in ontario, LOW km, good body, good interior. If I was looking for awd I would go look at it. But not ready for awd yet :p besides I would want an imprezza if I was to go awd
just a note that ae95's are 4wd, imprezas r awd... (70:30 distribution vs 50:50)
I thought the difference with awd and 4wd was 4wd you could shut it off to only be 2wd... As with awd it's on ALL the time. Hell the skylines adjust their power distribution to keep you gripping the road.
if thats the case why does the ae95 say its "full time 4wd"? im not being a smart ass, but now im confused lol. coz wouldnt full time 4wd just mean awd then?
AE95 got AWD with a manually lockable center differential

it doesnt matter wether the torquer distribution is 70:30, 50:50 or 45:55(like the impreza are, and yes theyre not 50:50) as long as ALL the wheels receive torque at ALL time, its a AWD

and big fella, teh reason for full time 4WD, was that at the time the term AWD was not coined by any manufacturer

and anyways, AWD is considerate a subclass of 4WD :
you would need a hella built 4age or the AWD would eat some of the performance. i think doing a RWD conversion would be good enough, using celica junk if possible and fabbing all the other crap
the thing about the engine : you must keep the 4A-FE block, since only the FE have the groove for the transfer case
Why revive a 7 month old thread? Obviously he never did the conversion...
ask aux, he's the on to revive the thread

still....hey flash how the 4A-FE turbo?
resting at my parents place... some sensor broke from it, doesnt work too well.. and I'm working on another project now. Diesel Hilux....:lol:
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