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AE92 Glass Moonroof

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Ok I understand that Toyota made a glass moonroof for the AE92. Very rare and very hard to obtain...can anyone tell me what the demensions are for the moonroof/sunroof on a AE92 is? And if anyone has a detailed pic of the underside of it that would be appreciated as well, thanks.

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Hmmm good idea. Maybe even cut a hole and put a piece of lexan there.
glass eh? that'd be sweet.... mine sunroof's rusting away on me lol
yeah mine is rusty and it wont move(its an electric sun roof)
or just find someone in japan in the JDM business and have it shipped over....
Maybe just bolt a piece of lexan on the rail? Of course you have to put the weather strip around it to seal.
The reason why I ask is Im trying to find out if any other Toyota might share the same dimensions as a Celica (its for my car).
I know that the AE92 in Japan could come with a glass moonroof as an option and I know that some parts from a AE92 are swapable with the ST16X.
Im tired of rusted out sunroofs on my Celica and a nice glass piece would be trick.
I have a hook up in Japan that might be able to get me what I want if I know what Im looking for.
So if someone could take the time to measure their sunroof on their AE92 an post its dimensions it would be appreciated.
for a celica ???? id love to get a glass roof as well so post up a site if you find anything
oh BTW, its $500 USD in japan by Toyota.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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