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AE92 levin seats

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I'm looking for a pic of the AE92 levin seats. there are something
like semi-bucket seats i would to see a pic of them. because i'm thinking of puting two front seats in my corolla. so if someone can help me please do so, ASAP.
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and these are the front seats, so if someone can give me a site that i can se them i'll be thankful
watch ebay... they pop up every now and then.....
i think these are it
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thanks. but can u get one with the seats facing you
i think thats the best one i could find sorry
thanks bro:thumbup:
That's the same seats as the 88-89 AE92 GTS but in 2-tone colour. :)
the head rests are a bit diff too but yea
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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