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ae92 rim/tire sizes?

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Just wondering the max size of rim I can put on my sr5 without rolling the fenders, maybe replacing the studs for the wheels but thats nothing.
I also don't want the tires to hit the plastic inside the wheel well. or to rub when I turn/ THe guy at revolution rim and tires was saying I can just put the same size tire I have on now. the rims are a little wider. But I want to fill the whole wheel well in. He was saying to lower it and so on to do that but I don't want to lower it.
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this has been covered before Have you used the search and seen what you can find ?

check your other thread i answered it their since you asked the same question

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This topic's been more beat up than Tina Turner dude. :lol:

You can go 195/50-15 with a wheel offset of 42-43 and not need spacers, that's what I got right now.

205/40-16, 205/45-16, 205/40-17 will most likely need spacers on the rear depending on wheel offset. 17s are overkill though and your car will ride like shit and feel very slow though. 16s are somewhat ok, more for show but still perform decent. 15s are really good for performance and look good on the car too. 14s are really more for performance than anything. Wheel offset 38-43 works best 45mm is possible.

I'm thinking of upgrading to 205/45-16s next summer, more show and less go. :lol: you never know, I might sell my wheels ;)

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89yotarollagts said:
check your other thread i answered it their since you asked the same question
I know, I asked this one first and when no one answered on it I asked on the other thread lol, thanks ren. I have no idea the mesurements but I will take them to a place that understands them :)
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