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ae92 rim/tire sizes?

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Just wondering the max size of rim I can put on my sr5 without rolling the fenders, maybe replacing the studs for the wheels but thats nothing.
I also don't want the tires to hit the plastic inside the wheel well. or to rub when I turn/ THe guy at revolution rim and tires was saying I can just put the same size tire I have on now. the rims are a little wider. But I want to fill the whole wheel well in. He was saying to lower it and so on to do that but I don't want to lower it.
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89yotarollagts said:
check your other thread i answered it their since you asked the same question
I know, I asked this one first and when no one answered on it I asked on the other thread lol, thanks ren. I have no idea the mesurements but I will take them to a place that understands them :)
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