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SO after lots of research and way too much time spent on a computer I have decided to pretend a 4age engine does not exist because a swap is not as easy as everyone makes it out to be. I would never really use all that power anyway. So im going to focus on making the 4af engine a much better one then take money and put it into other parts of the car like the suspension and brakes and what not. I am trying to decide on the type of rebuild kits I will need and what kind of a carburetor i will need. I am looking for both performance and fuel economy if that is even possible. Anyway I want to put a scoop into the hood and force the air into the carburetor so it is inside of this pressurized chamber. So my question is what kind of weber kit should i get. Then maybe someone can also let me know if i need to change the ratio in the engine.

My rebuild kits of choice are #13 on the list

Also for this project im putting in a pacesetter exhaust, should I put armor coat on it or wrap it without armor coat.

Then im going to put in an aluminum flywheel

Does anyone know if replacing the cams to 244 or 252 degrees is woth it? it cost 519 to get a set

This is a lot of questions I know but the more research i do before i jump in the better the rebuild and upgrade will go i hope. Anything you know and can post it will help. ..... ok im done :clap: thanks for your guys help

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To get power out of a 4A-F heres what you should do:
-Weber DCOE/Dellorto DHLA or Convert it to EFI and use throttle bodies
-camshafts (webcamshafts make a decent one afaik)
-take the head to be port and polished by someone who has a flowbench and prior experience
-3S-FE intake valves can be cut to fit a 4A-F head, the head needs new valve seats though, this would -increase valve diameter somewhat.
-increasing compression, easiest way is to shave the head, but getting high comp pistons is prob better if you ever blow a HG, you still have some to take away from the head.
-Ultimately power is made on RPM, so look into getting lighter internals, tougher valve springs and such. IIRC hayabusa has similar bore to a corolla, might wanna research on possibility of using the pistons from such.
-Something has to be done about the ignition as you'd want load sensing on it.

power is all about the money

or then you can turbocharge it :D

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All that power? lol 4AGEs barely have more power than a 4AFE.

My advice... get a different car if you want performance and use the Corolla as a beater.

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My advice... get a different car if you want performance and use the Corolla as a beater.
Ding, winner!

For the cost of the rebuild kit ($900), carb ($300ish) and camshafts ($519) you could just buy a AE92 with a 4AGE already in it. Bang, two cars for the price of one. And that doesn't even count the exhaust 'cuz I don't know how much those cost.

Unless you just want to do something for the sake of doing it, those dollars should be spent elsewhere.

That being said, I don't want this just to be negative. Here's what you do:

- strip everything you don't need from the engine bay. You'd be surprised how much room you can clear up in there.

- remove the entire air filter assembly. Use a hotrod style filter. Mainly looks a lot better in there and makes working on the engine must easier. Goes with the first point too.

- spend $500 or less on suspension and brake overhaul, this makes driving much more enjoyable.

- unless you already have a problem with the engine, it should last basically forever with diligent maintenace.

You now have a car that contains about 40 moving parts, can be easily diagnosed and repaired, and will be your daily driver when the new toy you buy is on jackstands.

* buy an MR2
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