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hehe i love seeing how people get mad here about intakes but this time it isn't that dumb of a question or general question.

Well i've noticed that AEM has the cold air for a V6 gen3. But not a I-4. When i look at shots of the engine bay, its likes as both the i4 and v6 has the throttle body in the same place roughly and also where the stock air boxes lay. Now can't i buy a v6 CAI for a i4 ? i read somewhere that a short-ram from a 96 civic made from AEM will work on gen3 camrys. So i'm implying that principle into my own little theory of course i can be complete wrong about this but i'm just wondering. This is a question that i'm sure hasn't came up yet in this forum. aleast i haven't read about it yet.

please don't tell me just to go out and build one or what not. Its not like i'm looking for a CAI its just for future reference. Because i was surfing the net saw a couple V6 AEM CAI's and thought to myself why not for a I4. Well also there should be a reason why AEM didn't make one for a I4 if it was so much a like to the v6. But thats what i was wondering. Maybe someone can try this out.
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