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After Market Exhaust Manifold/Header for 1MZFE engine

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I am looking for aftermarket Exhaust Manifold for 1999 Avalon (1st gen), which has 1MZFE engine 3.0 V6 Quad Cam.

The front one (Left) is cracked. I am unsuccessful in welding it.

Do you know any place? I am not looking for performance, but a reliable manifold/header. Are these after market manifolds fit directly in place of the stock? or any front pipe change needed?

Looking for information/advice
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go to a junkyard and pick one up. standarad auto in markham always has gen3s in their pick and pull yard, or megacity in milton, dom's auto in oshawa, cooksville werckers, etc etc

aftermarket headers will mean you'll have to replace both front and rear headers as well as the y-pipe since the designs are different
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