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Does anyone know of a good backup camera system that works well with the RAV4?

We just got a new 2012 RAV4 (base). It had most of what we wanted in a car. But one thing we really want to add is a back-up camera.

The dealer offered to install one but they wanted over $1400. I wish I could find out what brand they use, but I couldn't pry that information out of them.

Thank you for any advice!

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Search/Ask here.

I had the factory installed back-up monitor when I had my 2009 RAV4 Ltd. The screen appeared in the rear view mirror when I placed the transmission in Reverse. Given the location of the camera above the license plate, what showed on my screen was off-center.

This is the link to the thread I started on this topic.

This is the factory rearview mirror

It worked, but only thing it really helped was the last couple of feet to see how much clearance I had to another car, wall or something else.

This is a link to an aftermarket system that was installed.

The aftermarket license plate bulb holder kit allows for a clean installation, but the camera itself is farther to away from the centerline of the car compared to the factory camera (closer to the Spare)

There are other universal mount type back up cameras on the market, but mounting locations are limited on the back of the RAV4 (given the spare). What I would recommend is to go to a local Car Stereo/Alarm specialist to find what options are out there.

2) Display

If you want to keep the stock stereo, most most people opt for the rear view mirror with a built in LCD display (like the first pic). If you want to spend a little more, most headunits with a screen (typically with Navigation) will have the inputs for back up camera monitor feed.

Again, see your local Car Stereo/Security shop and they can show you what's available.

One thing I'll mention is that the back up camera does not show very well is what's on the rear corner of the car.

There is something that's relatively inexpensive that you may want to consider that can be used with or without a backup camera, which is a back up sensor. As you get closer to a wall or any obstruction, this system will start beeping and the closer you get to the obstruction, the the system wiil beep faster and faster until the sound is a constant tone (don't back up any farther!)

These cost a lot less and they are also available at most car stereo/security shops. Here's an example of a kit. While they are not very common (except for high end cars) in the U.S., these are very common in other countries (like Japan) where you are always backed into a corner.


You can get the sensors painted to match your car and this is what it looks like (at least one corner).

I was going to install this, but ended up selling my RAV4 before I did.

Have fun.
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