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Aftermarket bolt-on mods.

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Yeah, I'm looking for a website that sells aftermarket intakes. I'd like to add one to my 95 corolla.

I'm looking for something that will replace the stock intake/filter, and get me some Hp gains.

I tried the links page on putting on a cold air intake here, and the page wouldn't lod correctly. what's with that?

Also wondering where I can find me a set of headers for the 4A-FE

I've searched for both of these before, and only found ricer sites and places without parts for my vehicle year.
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"ricer sites"? what do you mean? considering that a corolla is technically a "ricer" wouldn't you want parts from "ricer sites"? for headers, ebay is really the only place to find 4afe headers. just don't get the "racing headers", get the known brands, like pacesetter, obx or mimo. an aftermarket intake wont get you much horsepower, especialy in these engines since they aren't moving much air to begin with... but you could get a kit off of ebay as well, but i would recommend getting one from injen or hks. a pipe is a pipe, but the filter is not very good quality. it's very easy to fabricate as well, so don't just buy ebay crap if you can't find a good intake, i would just get a pipe, fabricate it and buy a standard filter form some good company.
Seconded Ebay for headers.

There's plenty of Ebay/'ricer' intakes for the AE101s. Pretty much any generic short-ram intake will fit and give you a small increase in higher-RPM power.

If you want a cold air intake, you'll either have to make your own or try and find something from a company that went out of business a few years back, EL Prototypes.

Making your own will involve heater duct hose or similar, a filter that fits over the end, several hose clamps, a smaller breather filter to avoid hydrolocking if you drive through water, removing the battery, airbox top plumbing (from intake to airbox and airbox top) airbox bottom plumbing--including all the ductwork for the resonator that comes up around the front of the battery--and for all I know you'll have to figure out how to take the front BUMPER off to mount the blasted thing when you're done.

Full disclosure: I've gotten everything off and out at one time or another save the bumper and the last piece of ductwork going to the airbox from the intake itself...rusted screw.
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Ricer(car)-Originally an import from Japan with useless appearance modifications.
(Person)-Someone who puts tacky and useless appearance modifications to a car to make it look cool or like something it isn't, I.E. GT-R Skyline badges on a Sentra.

But, whatever if you have a different definition, I don't mind being called a ricer if it isn't true(in my definition).

Pacesetter's makes headers for the 4A-FE? Wow, didn't know that, heh.

Well, I think I could make a cold-air intake if I had acces to exactly how they worked, and some reference information. Google time/Ebay time!
my generic ebay header is holding up well and netted some decent kick in the pants for the $100 i paid. usually the ones tagged for the 7afe are cheaper, but its the same header as the 4afe.
Can anyboy verify that?

If so I would like to find out about what else is the same between the two engines.
Because as it is possible, I'll find parts for one, but no tthe other, and if they'll fit on both, then I have a little edge on the part supplier.
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