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Hi Everybody

I am new to the forums and I was wondering if anybody would have some insight on my problem.

I have a 98 Camry LE with an aftermarket alarm that was installed by the previous owner. It is a simple alarm with only the keyless entry ability. However, I was only given one key and the key is a little bit funky now and not working as well as one would hope. The company that had made this alarm, JTIO, appears to have been out of business for quite some time.

I was wondering, if I were to find the "brain" of the alarm, and just simply replaced it with a new one with the same alarm abilities, hoping that the wires and everything worked. Would this do the job?

Or if anybody knew of a safe way of removing this alarm? My experience with the wiring of a car is somewhat limited.

Thanks much.

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go hit up the pennysaver and grab yourself a new entry level alarm for like $140 installed. You don't have to mess with the wirings and get a new alarm system while ur at it. Idk; it just doesn't sound reasonable to spend money on something thats already pulled out of the market because at this point; any brain for that alarm is gonna be hit n' miss when purchasing.

LOL btw; When you get to the shop; just tell them to put one on and if they ask if you if there's an alarm- tell 'em you just got the car and you " have no clue " .. this way they can't charge you for removing the old alarm.

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