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Hi All...first post so be gentle...:)

We picked up an 05 Highlander Limited with 30k on it a few weeks ago and it has an aftermarket rear seat entertainment system...I.e. Audiovox DVD player. The DVD player was under the rear seat and it has the drop down display...the DVD player didn't work, so I picked up another and plugged it in (standard RCA jacks) powers up, I get video, but no there is no speaker on the DVD player, nor on the drop down display question is, where should the audio come from? The red and white jacks are in and all the wiring runs up behind the console/dash...I assumed there would be speakers on the overhead unit, but there isn't even a headset jack...any ideas? I guess this isn't specific to a Highlander since it is aftermarket, but I thought I would throw it out here...Has anyone else installed one of these and if so, is the audio supposed to be configured to use the vehicle's audio system?

The dvd system/model is the Audiovox MMDV2a...

Thanks in advance...
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