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Aftermarket Manifold/Header for 99 Avalon

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I am looking for aftermarket manifold for 1999 Avalon (1st gen). The front one (Left) is cracked. I am unsuccessful in welding it.

Do you know any place? I am not looking for performance, but a reliable manifold/header. Are these after market manifolds fit directly in place of the stock? or any front pipe change needed?

Looking for information/advice.
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Suggest reviewing the TN Camry site (with V6 option) as the Avalon uses the same engine/trans/chassis.

Has lifetime warranty, look great too

Headers, y-pipe, egr pipe.. all for $350. i would buy new metal gaskets from rockauto tho.

Edit: The ypipe does delete the catalytic. meaning you may not pass emissions. I plan on switching them back for original when I get it tested for emissions and whatever.
I wouldn't recommend going for those. OBX is overpriced and cheap. I've heard that they also don't bolt right up; they require a little modification.

These to me look a little better constructed, better price, and the bung holes look right to me. I am going to be ordering these soon.
The merge at the "Y" compared to the OBX system looks like junk. Also it looks like there is something missing in the "I" pipe.
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