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Aftermarket shifter

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I might be installing my shifter today and cutting the shaft and stuff. What are these black plastic spacers for? How do I use them?


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The spacers slip over the shaft. They take up any extra space between the shaft and shifter.

You might not need to use them though. Place the shifter over the shaft and if it wobbles side to side, use one of the spacers.
I took the day free from work to be able to work some stuff on the car and it's been raining ALL day long.

Damn it.

Thanks 88 LE.
you may want to use a pipe cutter and saw off some of the length before though.. unless you want to put a shift boot over it
Jesus, I started cutting some of that shit now, it's sooo hard to do this. Especially with a shitty hack saw.

How much does a pipe cutter cost at home depot?
you can rent one for the day, i dont know how much it is tho
I don't know if we have places around here where you can rent a pipe cutter.

EDIT: I just realized Home Depot offers tool renting.
Shit, my local Home Depot doesn't rent tools.

Do you know any model or something I can look for?
^ Just goto Home Depot and look for a tubing cutter. Its used to cut pvc and copper tubing.

It looks like a C-clamp.
a specific model? hmm that i dont know, any pipe cutter that'll cut the size of the shaft should do it i would think

is there a Loews around? they're similiar to home depot

someone on this forum has done it with a saw. it took a really long time, but it was done :D
No, we don't have a Lowes. Only Home Depot.

I'll make a trip down there soon, the guy on the phone said a copper pipe cutter is about $15.
another option is a dremel with a cutting blade on it... and u'll have the dremel for all those other little jobs u will wanna do in the future... I love those things. soooo versatile
My dad has a dremel tool, but it's wireless so it kinda sucks.
Nothing goes right for me today. I went out to Home Depot to get the pipe cutter, spent my last $20 on it. I was able to cut the big shaft just fine, but the small shaft is too thin for the pipe cutter. DAMN IT.
cut the smaller one using the saw
KoboChan said:
cut the smaller one using the saw
That shit's thick.

I'm looking around here to see if my dad has a tube cutter around, which he should because he's a civil engineer.
oh youre not using electric saw.. i forgot.. when i cut mine i used the tube cutter and it works..
After three hours, lots of cuts in my hands and having to cut each shaft twice, I managed to get it to fit perfect.

About time!

I'll post pictures tomorrow.
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