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Aftermarket Steering Wheel or Driver Seat Options for 2009 Yaris?

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I have a new 2009 manual transmission Yaris Sedan, and I love it.

But I have one little problem. I'm 6' tall, and the car was apparently designed for midgets. If I get the seat comfortable so that I have plenty of leg room, I can't comfortably reach the steering wheel. If I get the seat closer to where I can reach the steering wheel, I'm unable to move my legs around, and lifting up on the clutch mashes my left knee into the steering wheel.

I'm thinking aftermarket materials. If the seat could be a little lower, then maybe I could find my comfort zone. However, the problem seems mostly to be with the steering wheel. It's just too far away, and there's no way to get it closer. If I lower it so I can more comfortably use it (brings the top of the wheel closer), then the bottom of the steering wheel is literally mashed against my legs--no room for my legs at all, probably not even if I were a midget.

So I'm looking for ideas from other Yaris owners who may have dealt with similar and perhaps found a solution. It's possible a smaller wheel would work because then I could lower it without it mashing up against my legs. But my funds are limited, so I don't want to end up experimenting. What would be ideal is a slightly smaller wheel that I could telescopically adjust.

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