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Aftermarket Wheels and Rubber for a '16 Corolla S......Options??

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I was playing around with the idea of going with red wheels since my car is Barcelona Red Metallic with the Black Interior and thought it would look great but the more I thought about it I believe that a solid blacked out wheel will look best on my car. I was considering this package. What do you think??

Initial idea: XXR Wheels Rim 567 18x8.5 5x100/5x114.3 ET35 Candy Red

Realistic Idea: ICW Racing - 216B Mach 5 - 216B-8751842 - Tire Agent
Wrapped with: Firestone - Firehawk Indy 500 - 012326 - Tire Agent
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I think I'd lean more towards a Pewter Or Gunmetal Gray wheel. But I admit I don't care for Black wheels in general. They all look like someone put spare steel wheels on and lost the hubcaps.
Why not plasti-dip (spray really) your wheels and find the color combo that pops. $45-$75 bucks and a saturday,
you might end up with something you like and your done until you want a change. If not, peel and repeat.
Thanks sdspeed!! I hadn't even thought about it. I wouldn't have to change rubber either, great idea. I found a shop near my house that does this work called Long Island Plastidipper Services. What if I have curb rash on my wheels? Do they handle that as well? I can create custom color combo ideas I suppose that I choose and you say they can finish in 1 day? That would be a win-win situation. Again thank you!!!
Yeah they can clean-up rashes. Lots of fun UTube videos.
These guys seem to have a decent rep and a wide variety of colors.
Here in SoCal having a shop do it runs $200-$250.
3m has a repair kit for curb rashes. I haven't tried yet, but saw it on chrisfix YouTube channel. Looks way better than spending 100$/wheel.

If it's bent, that's a whole different situation.

For red exterior, bronze or silver works. No gold. Unless you offset it with a color stripe.
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