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aftermarket wheels

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just added a new set of aftermarket wheels.i am getting a little bit of vibration around 70mph.the company i ordered them from said i may need hubcentic rings to correct this.does anybody out there know if i will need these to get rid of the vibrations?has anybody ever used these before?it proballt does not matter but the wheels are giovanna's.
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The hubcentric is just a round piece pf plastic that goes between the rim and the hub ... it ensures that the wheel is centered.
Yes, they help. After I installed my centric hub rings, the vibration reduced a lot.
They damn sure help. They made a huge diff on my car. I got mine on ebay. They're aluminum.
well my wheels did not come with any so i am going to order a set asap.i hate the vibration!!!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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