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Ah, so THIS is where everyone from the Club went!

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Hi all (or Hi AGAIN, all),

Nice to see some familiar IDs posting here. For those who weren't in the Club prior to this, I'm an owner of a 2005 AFP XLE AWD Limited, currently at 51K miles (how time flies), in the northwest Chicago area. I try to stop in from time to time and post occasionally (especially now that I've more or less figured out what happened to the last forum), so it's nice to be back in good company again.

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Even i am young to this forum.

Wanting to interact with like minded peopleand get the problems solved.
Well, welcome back, Andy! Glad to have you join us again.
Hey Andy, Welcome to TN.
What was your user ID before.? Just curious..
Glad you could join the Club (again).:D
Sorry for the delay in replying; when I said "time to time," I meant it... :cool:

What was your user ID before.? Just curious..
Same as before, actually: acg_sienna... If I start getting too creative with user IDs, I lose track of my account names at various sites, so I try to meet myself halfway, short-term-memorywise, by using the same template at each site: "acg_" plus some easy-to-remember keyword like... um... oh, yes: Sienna. Thus I will be acg_sienna here.
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