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Air Ducts

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Hey, does anyone know a good place to buy the Air Ducts for the MR2? I need a place with a reasonable price but that will also fit well. Thanks
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are u talking about the lower side vents??.....only after market ones u can buy are aeroware....most other ones come attached to side skirts.....
i dont really know what you mean, but i'm talkin about the ari ducts, or scoops, thats the word that u have in ur pic on ur MR2. The ones that are right by the eingine. I need a place to bu them for a reasonable price and some that will fit right in. Thanks
MRQturbo was refering to the side vents that are behind the door.

You are talking about a "Tom's scoop" ... not sure offhand where to get one.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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