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air flow meter question

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hey guys,

i'm using a 96 3sgte. just recentlly the car starts and dies. if i keep the gas on the throttle the car will stay on but as soon as i come to a stop the car dies.

i'm think it the air flow meter. i cant really afford to get a new one but i have several other AFM from my 89 celica. they are almost the same.

well my qustion is, will the 89 AFM work with a 96 3sgte ECU.
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If the inlet/outlet diameters are the same and the harness/plug that plubs into the meter are the same, then yes, it will work. If the harness/plug for it isn't the same, then no.
No... weren't the 94+ 3SGTE's all MAP sensored?
If it's a MAP then it's a different story, and yes, I think that most of them, if not all, are MAP sensored, but if it's a MAS then it's okay.
what does the diagnosis port give as an error message before you overlook anything "simple"
i have no codes. the car just dies. still havnt figured out the problem.
Does it just shut down when it slows down to around 1000 rpm or so?
it just starts and dies. it get to about 900-1100rpm and dies. its been two months havnt figured it out.
OK, there is a switch inside the TPS that tells the ECM to idle the engine, if it goes bad to where it never closes, the motor will just kill at about 1k, I have had numerous toyotas do this and where the kids bring up the idle with the stop too high will do the same thing. My 89 Camry did this on an off ramp one day, I thought it ran out of gas, butafter a tow to the shop, I found out after changing the intake thinking it was a vacuum leak somewhere, not realizing that when I swapped the intake, the throttle body with all the sensors on it went with it:hammer: I still get ragged on about that one many years later:D
I just read your last message again, will the engine idle?:hammer:
what happen with this? I have a similar problem after a 97 3S longblock swap in a mr2 also using gen2 elctronics and afm.
it is most likely your AFM .. had same prob on my 89 gt celica.
I ruled out the afm yesterday.

I will paypal 25$ or send a cd player to the person that suggests something that fixes my car... After I swap water necks today and adjust ignition timing, I'm pretty much out of options... :ugh3:
So you got idle problem, check the Idle Control Valve under the throttle body. It may need some cleaning. I don't think you can adjust idle on the engine. It all controled by the ECU.
check your egr and make sure its not stuck open with a vacuum pump you should hear it open and close check the idle control valve if that doesn't work check fuel pressure
how did u rule out the AFM?

if not that, then check out your distributer or timing
I just got her to fire on her own, no pumping the gas, by turning the dizzy all the way clockwise. Still shuts off though, sounds like I missed a tooth or two, eh?

This is exactly what I was afraid of, if I can't get it right out of the car, there is no way I'll get it in the car. but i'm :) for now!
ok..i had the same problem before when my swap was finished..turned out that it wasn't producing proper spark so it dies as soon as you give it gas..i would check your ignition...turned out also that the tps was bad...
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