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Air Intake Boot (17881-20120)

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Just bought my second Highlander! It’s a 2004 Highlander Limited. My 2003 Highlander has over 280K and is still humming along nicely. For the 2004 I just bought I will need to replace the Air Boot (part number is listed in the subject) in the near future. This part is no longer being sold by the dealer (which is a bit of a shocker). I am assuming that others on this forum have struggled with a suitable replacement for this part. Any suggestions as I can not find any suitable aftermarket replacements? Thanks and look forward to your suggestions.
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I forgot to mention that I have a 2004 Highlander AWD Limited.
Check with your local Toyota dealer. According to their website, mine has it for about $73. Sometimes parts go unavailable on line at a discount but are still available from the brick and mortar dealerships at dealership prices.
I forgot to mention that I have a 2004 Highlander Limited HL.
Check with your local Toyota dealer. According to their website, mine has it for about $73. Sometimes parts go unavailable on line at a discount but are still available from the brick and mortar dealerships at dealership prices.
i will call my local dealer ( near Baltimore) this AM. Would you mind posting the website of your dealer in case I can’t get this part locally? I did call McGeorge parts department but maybe I got their online department.
I would love to have the phone number of your dealer as all of the dealers near me said they do not have it in stock and can not get it from their distributor. Appreciate your help!
I called them. They don’t have it and had not updated their website.
Try Ebay,, and for new old stock and used.
I do find it odd that a regular maintenance part is no longer being made. I have asked the local dealer to call Toyota USA to find out what is going on as he tended to agree. He is also planning to ask the service desk manager what part they would use if they had to replace/repair it. I have not found any relevant solutions on the Toyota Nation forum, yet….I will update as I learn more. Interested if others have found a solution to this problem.
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The McGeorge Toyota parts department called Toyota USA yesterday afternoon and they said that production of this part was stopped in 2016 and they had no plans to make this part not is there a TSB detailing suitable replacements. I have older BMW’s and sometime the dealer will make additional parts if there is community interest. I will call a number of local dealers (hopefully others will do the same) to see if they can produce this part again. It’s very odd.
I will update this if what I just ordered actually turns-out being a genuine 17881-20120 intake hose.

I have seen this part listed for sale for Toyota Kluger Japan and in Russia. Youse can take your chances on that one, but I'd try Japan first.

I did see a listing by Olathe Toyota for the 2004 Highlander, and ordered it, but wound-up receiving the intake tube that is ahead of the air cleaner housing, instead of on the hose that is between the air cleaner housing and the throttle body. I did need that particular part, but THAT wasn't what I wanted to receive, y'know? Upon further inspection, Olathe Toyota's system automatically substitutes the intake tube for the intake hose, when you select it for purchase, with no warning to the consumer.

Another domestic part order is in process and, from what I can tell by both the confirmation screen, and the confirmation email, the 17881-20120 part number is what is being fulfilled by their system. I'el know if I actually receive the correct part.

I guess I'll go install my brand new intake tube, and finish the carpet installation, now.

If I get a white elephant on this last order, I'm going to take off my current intake hose, and cast a mold from it, to make replacements out of silicone rubber--that original hose is just TOO DAMN INFLEXIBLE!

If I do that, I'll let you know.
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I am quite interested. How would you go about casting this part? I had not explored that path.
As with all things that I haven't done before, but find that I need to do to overcome some obstacle, I'll have to do some research, and devise a method that I can use in my garage.

I do, however, believe that I can use casting plaster to create a mold that is split along some axis that allows for the extraction of the cured silicone rubber, without resorting to invoking blue incantations of technical frustration. An interior mold-piece will probably have to be made, and I don't have an instant method for that.....yet....but, if I have to go that route, I will spend enough time on it so that I come-up with something better than being PO-ed at Toyota for yanking those part numbers from the pipeline.

I've actually had some very good past successes in creating some very good replacement parts for a variety of different things, over the course of my lifetime, but have always just kept my mouth shut about it, thinking that it's so obvious that anybody would do similarly when confronted with the same problem. However, having had my wife cajole me over the years about this kind of thing being non-obvious to many people, I'm just tossing the idea out here in the spirit of helping others with the same problem, and it'll be what it'll be.

Since there is an intake resonator present in the air stream, I presume that there are critical specifications for the physical dimensions of the hose, and the "flexibility" or possible lack thereof (it is a pretty stiff hose, after all) of the hose may preclude the use of un-reinforced silicone rubber for a successful end result. If putting a more flexible hose into the intake stream has a negative affect on performance and/or mileage, then I have my answer, and will have to shop materials to use for casting.

At the end of the day, despite my best intentions, I have some good ideas about how to get started, but I'm flying by the seat of my pants on this one....hopefully not with my hair on fire.
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This ducting will always be at least slightly below atmospheric pressure when the engine is running because of the pressure drop across the air filter, and worst when under hard acceleration. There is a reason why it is the OEM boot is so stiff. I expect you will need reinforcement if made of silicone.
If you can’t find a one new, I would think there are good used ones out there. The ducts on both my 2001 and 2005 appear to be in good condition, so I imagine there are more used good units out there, especially in California where I can’t drive 2 miles without seeing a Gen1 HL. is a pretty good resource for used, rebuilt and new old stock parts.
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