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Air-Water VERSUS Air-Air intercooling

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I'm considering getting an air to water intercooler system. Has anyone here ever used this, or heard pros and cons? Thanks.
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CON: It adds weight and complexity
PRO: You can add cie to the water to make it really cold

I vote for a GReddy or Spearco side moutn adn then add water injection. ... but that's just me :)
theres a few guys i know that has this setup...the air/water setup tends to cool better at low speed. plus with the mr2, being rwd, you can probally run a heat exchanger to the front of the car instead of keeping it in the rear.
I have water injection now. I always experience hesitation when it's on. The water sprays at 10psi. I'm using 50% water/50% methanol. Any ideas on why I experience this? With the injection on I run about 1/2 a second slower.
maybe the water is retarding the combustion too much. doesnt methanol burn cooler then regular fuel?
Water burns cooler than regular fuel ... that is one of the reasons to use it :)

ryde, first off 50/50 is not a good idea as that ratio is where the combination becomes FLAMMABLE. I would keep it at 40% methanol to keep your self safe. If that combination gets on fire, the flames are INVISIBLE so it is highly dangerous. Ever see Pit crews in CART/IRL rolling around on the ground but not see any flames? ... this is also why they spray the side of the car with water before it leaves the pits.

I run WI and it comes on at 10 psi, I am using the SMALLEST nozzle that came in the Aquamist kit and it puts out a healthy amount of water. My car was also tuned using the WI.

The other thing to consider is our cars run RICH and yo uare adding more fuel with the methanol. The only reason to add methanol is to prevent freezing of the system in the winter.

I suspect you are running too much fuel and/or too much water.
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I'm using the smallest nozzle currently. I have mounted the nozzle about 3 inches in front of the throttle body. I will try cutting back on the methanol.
I just recently replaced everything. I have not tried the injection since yet though.
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