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i wont to put a aftermarket steering wheel on my 1993 Tercel, how do i disable the airbag system?
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If it is legal to do so in your state, you must remove the airbag computer located in the lower dash, center of car, below and (I think in a Tercel) to the right of the stereo. Or get the expensive TRD SRS Airbag Steering Wheel...
the car won't start without the airbag computer, is there someone to fool the ECU.
Oh yeah, I forgot about that. Did you try a search on here? This question gets asked every few months.
no i haven't i guess i'll give that a try, thanks.
Y'all got me wondering now what I did to swap in my momo in my 93. I think I pulled a fuse, I know I unplugged the airbag as it's outside in the shed.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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