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AIT sensor

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where is this located??? I have a 92 celica GT thanks in advance guys
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It's the black plug on the airbox (black plastic box on your right and behind the battery)
thanks for your help I will check it out and again thanks
now for the dumbest question ever... I bought teh same mod for my AIT that the guy on the other post did and basically what it is, is a piece of wire that they say to disconnect the AIT plug and shove it in it and tape it inplace now for the dumb question what are the negative side effects of doing this???
Another fallen TNer :(
Its a 1 cent resistor which do no good to you. It cause the car to use more gas.
Don't put it on.
by doing this to the AIT (AFM in UK Air Fuel Meter) what are we trying to do with this mod ? limiting the signal showing little air in or increasing the signal ?

and for what belived gain ?
it will make your car think the incoming air is colder...dumping more gas in.

all you really do is just burn more gas. get a s-afc if you wanna tune fuel. when those resistors burn out...bad things happen
why dont you put a pot across the signal ?
ever heard of gas loading? thats pretty much all you are doing with this one.

pot or resistor...just get a safc if you wanna tinker with a/f mix. its alot safer
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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