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Alarm ECU location? 1999 RS3000 factory

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My 99 came with the alarm system, it is on the window sticker. Where did they hide the ECU? Is it attached to the radio bracket. I have looked under the dash on both sides and cannot see it.

I only got one remote, I need one if anyone has one laying around. The manual says you have to push a button on the alarm ECU to do any programming of a new remote.

I have a couple of remotes from my 03 Highlander, I was going to try to use one of those.
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ECU Location

On my 98 Camry, it's on the passenger side, between the dash air bag and the side wall.
You have to take the lower dash out and follow the harness. Probably in the upper left kick panel by the fuse block.
Also check under the drivers seat.
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