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Alarm Issue - 2008 Highlander Hybrid

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Hi Experts,

I have an issue with my car alarm , Its starts triggering repeatedly in the night time unnecessarily. I have to wake up and press the Unlock and lock from fab key most pathetic job.

this is Toyota's VIR security system came with the car. I purchased this car year ago initially had the same issue but it did not appear after some time with out any fix. Now its started again triggering the alarm at night time its irritating me and neighbors from their sleep.

Car is parked at parking lot but its uneven floor car would be slightly left side down and right side little bit up side. I don't think it wouldn't be any reason for alarm to buzz.

I have checked some of the forums and did some initial investigation on doors locks , hood and trunk locks .

One of the post on internet says - Security system encountering one of the doors / hood/ trunk forcibly opening which is causing to trigger Alarm.

Checked the cabin lights are OFF when all the doors closed. - Pass
All the doors are properly closing/locking - Pass

Please advise any other check points and diagnosis method for this issue.

Called some of the security alarm service vendors ,they said they don't do any service to Company fitted security system.
My last option is to visit a dealer , worried about unnecessary charges they as usual .

Any inputs highly appreciated.