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2011 Venza V6, has been parked lately with little use. At 2 am this morning the alarm started going off. Would not stop with the key or by unlocking the vehicle. Finally stopped when I started the vehicle. But then, when i shut the vehicle off, something that sounded like the starting motor continued to run. I started/stopped the vehicle several times, but still happened. I went in the house to get a wrench to release the battery leads, but by the time I came back out it had stopped.

Conditions were wet, about 2 or 3 celsius, and car was parked outside. I checked my front camera and it didn't pick up anyone near the vehicle, so I don't think it was an attempted break-in. Key fobs are inside the front door, so about 30-40 feet from the vehicle. Both fob batteries were changed within the last six months.

Other responses suggest either a weak battery in the key, the trunk not being closed, or the hood release being faulty. I'm wondering whether the odd starter behaviour (or whatever it was) would point to anything else? Any suggestions?
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