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alarm prices?

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I just wanted to get an idea of how much these cost installed at stores. I don't really know the brands of alarm being solid but can i get general prices of them.

My local store quote me 199$ for full alarm and i asume keyless as well. And 299$ for remote starter and alarm. Not really sure if these prices are decent or what. And they are going to take out my old one free of charge.
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What brand are they quoting you from? That will determine whether the price is good or not. Typical alarm for $200 is about right, likewise for the remote start for $300. Just make sure they have a lifetime guarantee on the installation, with free uninstall if you ever sell the car and want to have it out.
i haven't gotten a chance to ask them. I'll call them up tomorrow.

Luc maybe you heard of them or something. everytime i go there they are packed. place is on ciecro and almost diversey. Pro sounds is the name. I'll ask about everything.
Basic system usually run around 200.00 installed, 400-600 if you want your car to start, page you, pins in the hood, trunk...the werks...just pay attention to the brand, I'd suggest any DEI type alarms (Viper, Hornet, Clifford) stay away from ungo, crimestoppers.
Big names in the Alarm industry are DEI, Compustar and Alpine. I personally stick to Viper. I just put in the 791XV. Make sure whatever alarm you get is installed by a knowledgeable tech. Any of the above alarms can be great or they can be complete shit. It's all in the install. I would recommend getting an alarm under your price budget and working up add-in features such as additional batteries, sirens, air horns, etc.
JaJay721 said:
whatever alarm you get is installed by a knowledgeable tech.
my old alarm was a viper. but its unserviceable to them. because it was really old.

eddie what does X2 mean ?
Means he agrees with what he quoted. He seconds the idea to make sure it is installed by an experienced/knowledgable tech.
oh kinda like a " times 2"

first time i saw that in the forums. but yea of course i'm getting it installed by techs.
Make sure they know what they're doing and they're good installers. A $200 alarm installed by a good professional will be a much better setup than a $400 alarm installed by the average local tech.
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