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alarm system in my rolla

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well Just finished working with the dealer. They had sold me the car for $850 dollars cheaper than they were supposed to so all weekend they kept phoning me asking me to please give them the 850 cause he would lose his job... I said well i was told this car has an alarm in it and it doesn't all it has is a passive immobilizer. well The dealer said well we'll install an alarm for free if you could pay your freight amount (it wasn't even printed on my bill of sale or anything) I told them that i wanted a good alarm if I'm going to pay the extra $850 that i don't think legally i had to pay because the deal was finished already. Anyways long story short they tried to get a factory alarm installed and i said no I want a crime guard security system 2004-CG850i4.. well the dealer said ok to this.. the alarm is a 2 way paging alarm system with tons of goodies (this is the shop that the dealer gets to install all the stereo and alarm systems for them) .. and its a mobile service so tommorow morning they come to my place and install it on site. I can't wait.. :p:
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Why should you repay them $850 for something they messed up? That's just a ploy to get your sympathy...lose his job...please. You are under no obligation to pay that $850 back even if they put that alarm w/pager in. You should refuse them tomorrow morning.
I agree with Luc. For $850, you can get a very nice alarm installed professionally. I wouldn't give the dealer a penny, let alone get near the car. Compustars go for about $600 installed here in Toronto.
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