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alignment question with TC upper arms....

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What is the most amount of caster we can run on these trucks and keep them handling well. I want more caster because my tires hits the rear part of the fender. I have cut the frame and welding in a plate, but I still rub a little on the fender now and I have cut all the plastic I can. I notice the wheel is closer to rear of the fender than the front and I know increasing the caster will move it forward so that i why I want to do this.
How are people clearing 285s with TC upper arms, because the arms move the wheel back and make it rub?
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very few shops will add caster for you because they dont want to be held accountable for an alignment thats not within specs (green). some people have found shops to do that for them though, so good luck :thumbsup:

the problem people usually have with this is that they arent getting a 3" lift (i.e c/o cranked to 2.5"). what lift are you running? i had this problem when i tried using OME 884s with my double cab. after wheeling a good amount, they sagged and didnt give me 3" of lift. i have since upgraded to 886s.
less caster is what you want. it will move the wheels forward
less caster is what you want. it will move the wheels forward
Since you are adjusting the caster from the LCA you increase caster by moving it forward, hence moving the tire forward away from the rear of the fender.
You would be correct if you were adjusting the caster with the UCA.
so it has been a few days and lot of comments, but nobody really answered the question. I am currently at 3.3 degrees of caster and I am giong to take it to the alignment shop in a the next couple days when I get some time. I think in order for me to center my wheel in my wheel well I am going to need about 5 degrees of caster.

I know this will make my steering firmer and make my steering wheel center faster, which I like.

Will this adversely affect anything?
Will this cause any vibration?
I just want to know before I spend $100 and find out I need to do it again. The alignment shop said they will put in any specs I want, but they will only warranty it if they align it to factory specs. I need double the caster of the factory specs though and I think i want to zero out my camber and toe as well.
Can I run zero degrees of Toe and zero degrees of Camber with 5 degrees of caster and have my truck drive well?
i think the best thing you could would be to talk to toku he has a lot of knowledge about alignment specs for our trucks.
honestly, a lot of caster won't do any harm to your truck, but it will give you "bump steer." this is what some people have done and they are fine with it.

btw... have u thought of cranking them to a full 3"?
o btw...

vibes are honestly going to be hit or miss
I have minor vibes, but nothing to bad right now. I don't want a full 3 inches of lift. But even still if I lifted my truck more then that would not center the tire in teh wheel well better. I would just mask a problem.

I think that it looks weird not having the tire centered, looks kinda ghetto.
lifting it an extra .5" will center it. i only know bc with my 884s, i had a 2.5" lift and it was toward the back by a lot. then switching t 886s and going up to a full 3" it made it center out. but you can go with the add caster route. just be prepared for bumpsteer
What is the most amount of caster you can run without experiencing bumpsteer?
Does any body make a steering stabilizer for this truck? Would that help?
I see fabtech makes one, but will it work if you dont have the 6 inch lift?
less caster is what you want. it will move the wheels forward
Where did you get it done and what setting are you running?
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