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Alignment Success Story - Road Crown/Wandering Issues

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I put a new rack in my '07 SE V6 a few weeks ago and had it aligned at the dealership 3 times. Brand new Hunter rack, I figured nothing could go wrong. Once they dialed it in for the third time, I went in to look at the computer. It was perfect, every reading was absolutely dead on. The Camber readings were both -0.7 and -0.8, both in spec, I didn't think much of it.

The car still drove like crap. Crowned surfaces required me to put a ton of steering effort in to maintain the car tracking straight. I went back, they blamed it on my tires. It's not the tires - the car drove fine before the new steering rack.

After a week of checking and re-checking the tie rods, ball joints, and everything else to no avail, I came on TN to search for the issue. A member from a few years back suggested that more negative camber be added to help the car track better on crowned surfaces.

I went out in the garage, loosened the strut bolts on the passenger side, and pushed the knuckle in. This created a tiny bit more negative camber, then I tightened the bolts down. Oh my god! It's fixed!

This TINY bit of adjustment completely transformed how snappy my car handles. These cars definitely need at least 1 degree of negative camber. If I had to guess, I'm probably at -1.3º right now. The wheel now points dead straight on ANY surface.

For anyone with a wandering Camry that is apparently "aligned," pop off your wheels and give yourself some negative camber, you might LOVE the result! It only took me 5-10 minutes per side.
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So you just pushed the knuckle up the strut?
Yup! Loosened the bolts slightly, put my feet against the wall and pushed on the strut, tightened the bolts.
I've never worked on the suspension before. Do you have pictures or a video that might show what I would need to do to make this adjustment? My car pulls fairly hard to the left right now.
Is the pull something new or is it only after a confirmed perfect alignment? I wouldn't adjust it unless you know the toe settings are perfect. My Camry's camber was perfectly fine from the factory before I messed with the struts a few months ago.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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