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Since we're now in the last year of production for the 2nd Generation Tacoma, I thought I'd post this list of changes for each model year. I compiled it in the process of shopping for a 2015.

First production year

• Added a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) to all five wheels (including spare) using direct-sensing valve stem assemblies
• Occupant-classification system for front passenger airbag added to bench-seat models
• An air filter (called the "cabin air fliter") was added on the intake path for the HVAC blower. The filter can be replaced by the owner; it's located behind the glovebox.

• 4-cylinder engine: improved tailpipe emissions, changed exhaust manifold design, optimized three-way catalytic converter (TWC), new generator pulley with one-way clutch
• 6-cylinder engine: optimized TWC, new generator pulley with one-way clutch
• Computerized brake control system (ABS, EBD, Brake Assist, TRAC, VSC, Auto LSD) available as an option on X-Runner models
• On models with VSC, the Auto LSD switch has been discontinued, and a VSC OFF switch has been added
• TPMS improved to relay more information through flashing warning light (on solid for system error, blinking slowly for low pressure)
• Rollover-Sensing Curtain Airbag (RSCA) added for models with side curtain airbags, along with RSCA OFF switch and indicator light
• VSC/TRAC indicator light has been discontinued
• Radio speakers changed to models with neodymium to reduce overall weight
• Motor mounts redesigned on frame for added strength

• TPMS logic changed: time required to detect a malfunction reduced to 20 minutes, improved detection for judging when engine is running, light is on solid after blinking for one minute if a transmitter ID is not detected
• Audible seat belt warning chime logic changed for both driver and passenger

• Color changes: added Magnetic Gray Metallic, deleted both shades of red and introduced one new shade of red, deleted dark blue, deleted beige, added Pyrite Mica (bronze color)
• Inner grille design changed
• Headlight extensions on TRD models tinted smoke color
• LED’s used for all rear lighting with smoke-tinted lenses
• Rear-view camera added to tailgate handle assembly
• Interior side door panels re-designed for appearance and safety
• Lumbar support added to rear-seat back panel on Access Cab
• Rear console storage box added to Access Cab
• Chrome-plated emblem added to the base steering wheel
• Privacy glass added to the optional Convenience Package and all higher packages
• Fuel cap changed from a “quick-turn” design to a screw-on design
• 6-cylinder engine: changed exhaust manifold design
• The LSD rear differential has been discontinued in favor of Auto LSD (using ABS to mimic the function of a mechanical LSD)
• The oil viscosity was lowered (to SAE 75W-85) in both front and rear differentials
• The characteristics of the shocks on 4WD and PreRunner models have been changed for improved driving performance
• The shape and strength of the rubber rear spring bumper on 4WD and PreRunner models have been improved for riding comfort
• Safety braking features TRAC, VSC, and Auto LSD are standard on all models
• The spare tire changed from a standard wheel to a temporary spare wheel, and the TPMS sensor has been removed from the spare tire
• Frame structures have been redesigned for better performance in a collision
• Improved design of door latch for Access Cab rear doors in order to improve performance in a collision
• Bucket seats are no longer available on Regular Cab (bench seat only)
• Active headrests (for whiplash prevention in a collision) are standard on Access Cab and Double Cab
• Headrests have been added to the rear seat on Access Cab
• The middle seat belt in the rear seat on Access Cab is 20mm longer to accommodate design changes in the seat cushion
• An A-TRAC indicator light is added for models with that feature (4WD TRD Off Road only)
• The ambient temperature sensor for the overhead console has been eliminated, and the overhead console now uses the data coming from the air conditioning system’s sensor
• The clock changed from a vacuum fluorescent display to an LCD display
• Variable intermittent wipers are no longer an option on 2WD Regular Cab
• A “Max A/C” mode and other logic changes were made to the HVAC controls
• Power windows are standard on Access Cab and Double Cab
• Power door locks are standard on Access Cab and Double Cab
• A separate buzzer has been added to the keyless entry system for audio feedback
• Side airbags and side curtain airbags are standard on all models
• A 2.4-inch LCD display is added to the rear view mirror for models with a rear view camera
• Specifications for all radios have changed, including an Aux input jack and MP3/WMA media file playback
• Bluetooth hands-free phone integration is available as an option on Double Cab as part of the JBL premium audio system

• A smaller engine starter (1.4 kW instead of 2.0 kW) is standard for models manufactured for Mexico, Hawaii, Guam, and Puerto Rico, and the battery has also been changed
• The horn changed from a double horn with two different pitches to a single low-pitched horn
• Additional material to dampen noise and vibration is added to Regular Cab
• The adjustable front-seat cup holders have been redesigned with a removable style of insert

• Some combinations of engine, cab, and frame length were discontinued, and some 4-cylinder, 4WD models were added
• The front grille has been redesigned
• TMPS eliminated from models made for Mexico
• Satellite radio service added as an option on models other than the JBL Premium audio system

• The design of the front bumper, front grille, headlights, fog lights and front spoiler (for X-Runner) has been changed
• Additional tie-down hooks are provided on the floor in the front area of the cargo bed
• A double-handle lever has been provided on the hood latch
• Colors: shades of green and blue have changed
• The instrument panel shape, switch designs, backlight colors, steering wheel, and shift lever knob have changed
• The shape of the power window switch panel has changed in conjunction with changes to the door trim design
• The overhead console (temperature and compass) has been discontinued
• The compass and temperature readings have been integrated into the rearview mirror in the 3.3-inch LCD display
• The rear console box on Access Cab has changed
• A vanity light is provided on both front visors with the SR5 optional package or higher
• The TWC has been optimized for higher emission standards
• On models with a towing package, the oil cooler has been changed to a smaller unit
• Seat fabric has changed to increase water repellence
• On Double Cab, rear seat headrests are larger and foldable
• On Access Cab, the child seat restraint system has been changed
• Shock absorbers have been optimized to improve ride comfort
• An option package is available with 4-leaf springs (instead of 3) and tuned shocks to improve ride under load
• The VSC warning buzzer has been discontinued
• Trailer sway control has been added to the brake control system
• Except for certain option packages, the rear lights have changed from LED lights to bulb lights
• The speedometer signal for the combination meter has changed from analog to CAN-BUS
• Seat belt warning light and buzzer logic has changed
• Homelink garage door opener is available as an option (integrated into the rearview mirror)
• A Display Audio head unit with JBL and Bluetooth is available as an option
• Navigation is available as an option (requires the JBL Display Audio head unit)
• The Daytime Running Lights (DRL) and towing light relays have been eliminated and combined into the standard flasher relay (meaning DRL is now standard)
• The spare tire hoist cable has been replaced with a chain. A length of excess chain is visible from underneath the spare tire when it’s in the normal up/stored position.

• A “Limited” option package is available, including chrome Limited emblems, side mirrors, fog lights, and door handles; Softex seats; JBL Premium Audio with Navigation; heated front seats; unique wheels and other features
• A heater has been added to the air pump on both 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder engines
• The steering wheel button panel has been changed to accommodate additional features of the radio system
• A “DRL OFF” position has been added to the light control switch (except in Canada)
• A Display Audio head unit is standard on most models

• The fit and finish of the Display Audio head unit in the dashboard has been improved
• The steering wheel button panel has been redesigned
• Logic changes were made for the recirculate setting in the HVAC controls
• The LCD display has been eliminated from the rearview mirror, which also eliminates the outside temperature display
• A Display Audio head unit with Entune is standard on all models
• The rearview camera output is displayed on the Display Audio head unit instead of the mirror
• A Display Audio head unit without JBL but with Navigation is available as an option

• A “TRD Pro” option package is available
• Regular cab models have been discontinued
• Access Cab can be ordered without rear seats for increased storage capacity
• Colors: Orange has been added for TRD Pro models only; green has been discontinued
• Reinforcements were made to the front seat brackets, as well as rear seat floor mounts on Double Cab
• The energy absorption pad on the front door panels has been changed
• The clock has been eliminated; time is displayed on the Display Audio head unit
• The shape of the side curtain airbag for Double Cab models has changed
• Side airbag logic has been changed to allow them to deploy in a frontal collision
• The satellite radio antenna and GPS antenna are combined in an external antenna on the roof

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Very nice! I'll add it to the stickies next time I'm on a computer (adding it from a phone is a PITA). Do you want to add that for 2007, motor mounts redesigned on frame to strengthen them?

Edit: Added to the Tacoma FAQs

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You missed one of the huge ones

2006 - Cabin Air Filter added

Nice work, and yes, mine is trivial.
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